Motorola Defy Satellite Link [BM3A01]

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Defy Satellite Link

Defy limits with the Bluetooth Satellite Accessory. Unlock a whole new world of always-on connectivity. The Motorola Defy Satellite Link is a compact, lightweight, universal Bluetooth accessory that allows any Android and iOS devices to connect to the Bullitt Satellite Messenger platform and utilize the full functionality of the Bullitt Satellite Messenger application, including true two-way messaging over satellite, as well as location sharing and SOS assistance.

No mobile coverage? No problem. Switch to satellite! Upgrade a smartphone into a satellite-enabled messenger with the Motorola Defy satellite link, a Bluetooth accessory that unlocks a whole new world of affordable always-on connectivity.

Give any smartphone the power of satellite connectivity. Supercharge a existing network with the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, an advanced satellite hotspot device that ensures peace of mind – whether traveling, participating in outdoor activities, or wherever the next adventure takes you.

Complete Your Essential Kit

Whether work or play takes users to a remote location, experiencing signal blackspots wouldn't be a surprise, or tired of inconsistent reception, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link is a must-pack accessory.

A Reliable Lifeline

Users wouldn't drive without car insurance or go on overseas adventures without travel insurance. Through its superior connectivity, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link gives users an added layer of safety and a reliable SOS emergency button in case of a critical situation.

Put Anxious Minds At Ease

Users may be a confident and experienced explorers, but it can be easy to forget how the people back home feel when a loved one is venturing into the wilderness. Simply press the check-in button and share the coordinates or send a text message to loved ones, giving them peace of mind, while users do what they want.

Satellite Enabled

Never lose signal again. With Motorola's  Bullit Satellite Messenger service, you can always stay in touch with friends and loved ones – even where there's no WiFi or cellular reception.

Truly Life-Proof

Its IP68 rating means it’s sand, grit, dirt, and dust-proof, and fully waterproof. It’s also been drop-tested onto steel and exceeds the MILSPEC 810H standard.

SOS Assist

Professionally staffed response centers, monitored 24/7 every day – provided by FocusPoint International. 

Peace of Mind

Check-in, share location and send messages from remote places where most people normally hunt for hours to get one bar of service. Live, work, and play on the fringes of coverage? Motorola's constellation of satellites is there to help.

Two-Way Messaging

Bullitt Satellite Messenger is the only direct-to-satellite app that meets the mobile industry's rigorous 3GPP standards.

Locations Sharing

Motorola's satellite SOS service puts a reliable lifeline that fits in a pocket, wherever users roam and whatever goes wrong.  


  • Location Sharing
  • Attach it to a bag or belt
  • SOS Assist
  • Defy dust
  • Defy water
  • Defy impact